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Soft Robotics raises $23 million to conquer online returns

  • Robotics startup company Soft Robotics has closed it's Series B round of funding, raising a total of $23 milion led by Calibrate Ventrues, Material Impact, and FANUC - the world's largest maker of industrial robots.

  • Soft Robotics is focused on developing robotic grippers that use soft material endpoints that can more easily grip a range of different objects without the kind of extremely specific and complex programming that's required for most traditional robotic arms. 

  • Soft Robotics said it is aiming to use the funds raised to expand further into food and beverage, as well as doubling down on it's presence in the retail and logistics industries. 

  • The latest round will specifically help Soft Robotics spend on growth, looking to increase its variability even further and work on expanding it's food packaging and consumer goods applications towards e-commerce.

  • Soft Robotics believes they can help automate and improve the returns process, a costly and ever-growing challenge as more retailers move online. 

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Soft Robotics Raises $23 million to Develop its Gripper Technology


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